One Story, Three Channels

You have a story your audience wants to hear — about your product, service, or side-hustle. But there many ways of telling this story. And here are three ways I can help. 


Content Marketing

Content marketing is storytelling with a twist. Instead of ‘yelling’ for customer attention via paid ads, craft the right story and Google will send you customers for free. You’ve got to create quality content, though, which is where I come in.



Editing is the backstage magic that turns a raw performance into a standing ovation. As an editor, I’ll make sure your message stays on point, is clear and concise, and has the right balance of logic and emotion.


Teaching Material

All communication involves teaching. (That’s why education-based sales and marketing is a thing!) So, as ‘the simple writing guy,’ I’ll create easily digestible teaching material to explain concepts and ideas to your audience.