Content Marketing

I love the idea that if Picasso was born today, he’d be a graphic designer. It reminds me that nurturing a talent is important, but so is applying it to real-world problems. And that’s why I’ve channelled my passion for simple writing into a career that demands simplicity: I.e., Content marketing. 

Content Marketing For GoldFynch

The Backstory

I stumbled upon the GoldFynch project randomly at a wedding. A senior from school was chatting about his startup in Iowa, USA, and how he needed someone to run their content marketing blog. I didn’t think of it as an opportunity, though, till he contacted me a few weeks later. I did a few trial posts and soon transitioned into a 5-year+ relationship that’s still going today.

The Challenge

GoldFynch is cloud-based software that helps lawyers with something called eDiscovery. My task is to write blog posts on eDiscovery-related topics so that GoldFynch shows up on Google’s search engine results page (SERP) for targeted keywords. But more importantly, the challenge is to translate GoldFynch programmers’ tech jargon into simple English lawyers can understand.


The Roadblock

I created a repository of 200+ posts, but we didn’t see much growth because there aren’t many lawyers searching Google for ‘eDiscovery.’ So we pivoted, writing about related tech topics and posting versions on LinkedIn, too. That helped! And now we’ve hit our stride and settled into a productive rhythm.

Content Marketing For The Ed Psych Practice

The Backstory

My cousin ran a thriving child psychology practice in London for more than a decade. So, when she passed away recently, a friend stepped in to help keep things going. And one of the friend’s first steps was to set up a blog – to educate parents and boost the practice’s online visibility. She contacted me about this, asking that I help run the blog. And of course, I agreed – honoured to help contribute to something my cousin started.

The Challenge

I was asked to write a post a week on topics that The Practice would suggest. (They’d send me a list and I’d do the research.) The challenge was to write about concepts and trends that would interest parents who brought in their children for a consultation.

What I Loved About It

This was heaven for me because I love learning about new psychology concepts, diagnoses, and therapies! I studied psychology in college, but had never explored child psychology – especially things like specific learning differences (dyslexia, dyspraxia, etc.), ADHD, autism spectrum disorder, and more.