Client Work Pays The Bills; Passion Projects Nourish My Soul.

 Here’s the kind of stuff I’d do even if I won the lottery and never needed to work again.



Most of us feel intimidated by the thought of writing a book or even a blog post. But it’s easy to type out a short paragraph about something. And that’s why I love microblogging. It’s a chance to refine my thinking, develop a style, and be creative.  



Sometimes I just want to talk, and writing doesn’t do it for me in those moods. So that’s when I set up my tripod and start filming. It lets me develop my thoughts more freely and, hopefully, it gives you more to connect with than words on paper. 




We always show the world our best selves. But it’s the behind-the-scenes learning, growing, and polishing that made us who we are. So, here’s a peek at the unrefined ideas and projects that make up my DNA.