October 20, 2016

Copy Editing

If you want people to read what you’ve written, it’s got to be engaging, clear, and simple. I love making this happen.

Here are some examples:

Rohan Tharyan writes content that is engagingAdding drama and emotion

A doctor had written a powerful article on handling in-flight medical emergencies and wanted it reworked into a blog post. Here’s what I did to get it ‘web-ready’:

  • I shortened the sentences, used simpler words, and added headings to break the text up into more readable chunks
  • I added action and suspense to make the writing more compelling
  • I used bullet points to highlight important points
  • Check out the essay, before and after editing.

Rohan Tharyan writes content that focuses on key pointsBringing out a client’s personality

An architect was working on his statement of purpose for a Master of Architecture course in Germany. He asked me to help him tweak it, so:

Rohan Tharyan reorganizes content to make it easy to readKeeping things simple

I’m a compulsive editor and regularly re-work text just for the pleasure of making it better. So when I got a poorly worded email from the income tax office, I couldn’t resist doing the following:

  • I simplified the sentences a lot. The originals were stuffy and WAY too long.
  • I made all the key steps into subheadings. Much easier to skim through.
  • I used bullet points and a table to organize the writing better.
  • Check out the huge difference before and after editing.