I’m a writer who makes complex ideas simple.

Some people take apart toasters to see how they work. I take apart ideas. I identify core concepts and explain these in language a 6th grader can understand. So, if you’ve got something to say, I’ll help you say it.


One message. Many projects.

Yes, you’ve got something to say — but there are many ways of saying it. And whatever the project, I’ll ensure your message stays clear, simple, and compelling. 

Content Marketing/SEO

Grow your brand by attracting Google search traffic organically. I’ll help choose blog topics, write content-rich posts, and use SEO metrics to tweak our campaign.


Make your message engaging. I’ll help rework content, improve flow, simplify sentences, and proofread everything. (Essays, SOPs, web copy, etc.)  

Explainers & Tutorials

Harness the power of education-based sales/marketing. I’ll help craft explainers, tutorials, and white papers about your brand, services, and niche. 

Brian Paiva
Operations Manager, WIPRO Ltd.


“Rohan is genuinely curious about the world around him, and this shows in his well thought out, clear and adaptable writing style. Couple this with his enthusiastic personality and easy-going nature, and he’s an asset to any team.”

Brain Paiva describes Rohan as being a curious, skilled writer
About Me

Think of me as a non-fiction storyteller

What sets your business, side-hustle, or passion project apart aren’t the facts and stats. It’s your unique story. So, yes — you need a blog, a website, or a YouTube video script. But it all begins with a core message. Which comes from your story. 

This means you and I have a challenge: to figure out what your story is and tell it to the right people, at the right time, in the right way. So, maybe you don’t need just another writer? Maybe you need a passionate storyteller.