October 26, 2016

Web Content

Websites are fun! And I’ve had the chance to work on over 20: For start-ups, small businesses, NGOs; even a wedding website.

Creating web content can get tricky, but what I’ve learnt from experts in the field is that if you ask the right questions and follow the right steps, it can be near-effortless and even pleasurable. I enjoy getting to meet new people and learn all about their market niche or passion. It’s one of the perks of my job.


Rohan Tharyan creates content for Goldfynch.com, USAEditing prepared web content: GoldFynch.com

  • Profile: GoldFynch is software that lets lawyers organize, process, and share e-resources (word documents, PDFs, emails, JPEGs, etc.). It was created by Mazira – an Iowa-based company with talented engineers and business folk. That talent has makes this a rewarding, ongoing project.
  • Challenge: To work quickly (they needed the site up asap) and highlight all aspects of the company’s Unique Selling Position.
  • Process: CEO Anith drafted content and his web designer uploaded sample screenshots of each site page to Proofme.com. I then logged in and edited the content.
  • Time taken: 2 days.
  • Visit GoldFynch.com to see the content

See screen captures of some of the site’s pages

Creating a site structure and writing ‘About Us’ content: Special Sources

  • Profile: Special Sources is a one-stop-solution NGO that lists a whole host of resources for Indians with special needs like autism, learning disorders, etc. It’s the first of its kind, so the possibilities excited me.
  • Challenge: To understand and communicate precisely the very specific vision of founders Rashmi and Advitya have.
  • Process: 2 rounds of interviews (1st one for 1 hour, 2nd for 2 hours) spaced a week apart; creating the project brief, drafting content, incorporating feedback (we had 3 rounds of back-and-forth with the feedback).
  • Time taken (by me): Approx. 2 weeks.
  • Read the edited ‘About Us’ content.

Rohan Tharyan creates content for Talisman Tattoos, ChennaiCreating web content from scratch: Talisman Tattoos

  • The story: In 2012 I got a tattoo. The artist gave me an aftercare sheet which was informative but poorly written. The compulsive editor that I am, I re-worked it for free. She apparently liked my style because when she started a new tattoo studio, she hired me as the content writer.
  • Challenge: To think through every single thing that users would need to be able to do and learn on the website. For example: explaining the tattoo process, hygiene measures; showing their portfolio, client testimonials, etc.
  • Process: 2 rounds of interviews, creating the project brief and site structure, drafting content, using feedback to make changes.
  • Time taken: 2 weeks.
  • Read the website content document