October 6, 2016

Technical Writing

Good technical writing is precise, easy to read, and minimal.

Here are some sample technical blog posts I worked on for GoldFynch – a software service for lawyers.

Rohan Tharyan reframes key points to make technical content is easy to understand‘New status bar for uploads’

GoldFynch’s development team made a modification to the ‘status bar’ that pops up when you’re uploading files. I reorganized the text – pushing the important stuff up front, and reframing key points to make them relevant to the user. Check out the changes I made.

Rohan Tharyan writes content that explains things clearly‘New feature for calendar items and contact information’

The development team got their software to handle .ical and .vcf file formats. In writing this up, I had to clearly explain what these extensions are, how they work, and what the new changes mean. Check out the edited post.

Rohan Tharyan helps readers spot errors in technical writing‘New Issues page for errors’

The team modified GoldFynch to alert users to processing errors that might crop up. I had to make sure readers understood the errors and how to fix them. Check out the edited post.