October 31, 2016


Need custom work done? Here’s what I’ve created for other clients. . .


Rohan Tharyan writes content for email campaignEmail campaign: GoldFynch.com wanted to encourage clients to use their software

  • Anith from GoldFynch wanted to set up an email campaign to remind clients to use his software.
  • He linked me to an article about email ‘onboarding’ (the industry jargon for this process).
  • He also set up a Mailchimp.com template for me to use for the emails.
  • I planned out the campaign structure and wrote content.
  • I enjoyed the challenge of strategically outlining key points over a 4-email campaign.
  • Check out the GoldFynch email campaign.


Rohan Tharyan creates content for video script‘How to’ video script for GoldFynch.com

  • GoldFynch’s software was great, but they needed tutorial videos for their clients.
  • So they created a 1-minute screenshot-based video, got me to edit a script for it, and then got a South-African voice-over artist to read it out.
  • My challenge was to keep the script tight and short because each line needed to be said in just a few seconds.
  • Also, since the video had already been shot, the script had to mirror it accurately. And in places, that was tough because I would have chosen to introduce and elaborate topics differently.
  • Read my edited version of the script.
  • Watch the completed tutorial video.


Rohan Tharyan creates content for newspaper articleNewspaper article: ‘Choose the perfect tattoo and get it done for free.’

Talisman – a Chennai-based tattoo boutique – ran a tattoo competition as part of a PR campaign. Here is the newspaper piece I wrote up for them.