October 21, 2016


Need someone to help you blog?

Here are a few of my creative pieces, to give you a flavour of what I can do for your blog. My roots are in psychology, sociology, and English literature; so it’s not surprising that they often colour my writing.

Blog post on 'Japanese Gang Violence & Tattoos'Blog post: ‘Japanese gang violence and the healing power of tattoos’

I explore the world of Japanese gang tattoos and how, ironically, they helped emotionally heal the daughter of a Yakuza boss. Read my post on Japanese gang violence and the healing power of tattoos.



Magazine interview & profile pieceBlog post on Rohan Tharyan's interview with Kiran Rao

Fresh out of college I worked for a Chennai-based coffee-table magazine called Frappe. It was my first shot at writing, and I enjoyed the chance to meet new people. Many interviews later, I’m still attached to my conversation with ‘Amethyst’ founder Kiran Rao.

Frappe also did a series of profiles on ‘regular Chennaiites.’ Here’s my write-up on ‘Malathi the Buttermilk Lady.’

Blog post: Rohan Tharyan's review of Zac Efron's movie 'We Are Your Friends'Movie review: Zac Efron’s ‘We are your friends’

Amaranta Entertainment needed help boosting their search engine ranking, so they paid me to watch movies and write weekly reviews for their blog. Best. Job. Ever!!! Read my review of ‘We Are Your Friends.’